Content Filtering Client:
Objectionable content is still blocked by the SonicWALL Content Filtering Client software even when the client machine accesses the Internet using a connection outside the SonicWALL appliance (at home vs. at the school, for example). If a user takes a laptop home, he or she is still protected.

£505.09 (ex. VAT)



More than ever, organizations of every kind are connecting to the Internet to meet their business or educational goals.
Businesses and schools take on substantial risks associated with granting access, particularly when those connections are used to access sites containing inappropriate, illegal or dangerous content. Unrestricted Web access can also create tremendous losses in productivity resulting from excessive, non-productive Web surfing.
With SonicWALL’s Content Filtering Service (CFS), your organization can control user access to inappropriate content while reducing organizational liability and increasing productivity.
SonicWALL CFS provides unequaled protection and productivity policy enforcement for businesses, schools, libraries and government agencies.
A revolutionary solution, SonicWALL CFS uses Cerberian’s comprehensive URL database to instantly sortquestionable or inappropriate content into 12 categories. Policies applied to each category are used to enforce the desired level of access. Approval or denial can be made by category, individual or time of day. This flexibility allows organizations to easily maximize productivity while protecting users and the organization against objectionable content.
Administered through a single intuitive interface, SonicWALL CFS enables filtering and control to take place directly over a LAN, WLAN or VPN.
The innovative rating and caching architecture and remarkable speed of CFS combined with the power and scalability of SonicWall appliances deliver an integrated, easy-to-use, manageable solution for organizations of any size.