We have the full current range of SonicWall Secure Mobile Access products. SonicWall have designed appliances and licencing to suit the needs of all sizes of organisation.

Have a look at the information and links below to find out more and if you are a larger organisation don’t forget to check out the world class features of the SonicWall CMS which can help you to easily and securely manage a network of SMA Appliances.

Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Appliances

SonicWall SMA is a unified secure access gateway that enables organisation to provide anytime, anywhere and any device access to any application. SMA’s granular access control policy engine, context aware device authorisation, application level VPN and advanced authentication with single sign-on enables organisations to move to the cloud with ease, and embrace BYOD and mobility in a hybrid IT environment.

SonicWall SMA Appliances

Learn about our Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Appliances.

Central Management Server (CMS) for SMA 6200, 7200, EX900, 8200V

Remote Access Management & Reporting

The SonicWall Central Management Server (CMS) is a web-based platform that manages and reports on all the secure mobile access (SMA) appliances you have deployed. With a flexible remote access management console, CMS provides a high degree of resiliency, simplifies management of multiple SMA appliances for global deployments and reduces total cost of operation.

SonicWall CMS

Learn more about the Central Management Server (CMS) for SMA and view the range of purchase options.